June 2, 2011

Community Programs

In addition to our youth programs, the McKim Center offers programs to support local senior citizens, homeless individuals, and the East Baltimore Chapter of Narcotic Anonymous.

Community Programs


  • Senior Citizen Eating Together Program: a breakfast and lunch program for 35 participants operates Monday through Friday at McKim Center.


  • To Live or Die in LA– We are the host site for the East Baltimore Chapter Narcotic Anonymous (N.A), “To Live or Die in LA”. They meet Monday through Thursday and Sunday’s with 70+ participants at McKim.


  • Lafayette Family  Reunion– Members of the community who used to live in Lafayette Projects, which were located behind The McKim Center, have joined together to form a group called the Lafayette Family Reunion. Please visit their website for more information. http://lafayettefamilyreunion.org/Welcome.html