May 28, 2011


Mission & Vision

The McKim Community Association will provide activities and experiences that support the academic, physical, social, and spiritual growth of the children and families we serve in a safe and caring atmosphere conducive to learning. With dedication and commitment, McKim will nurture young people as they grow into caring and capable adults. McKim’s vision is to be the leading community center for the children in the Jonestown area and will be the role model of community centers in the City of Baltimore as measured by program statistics, achievement of the children, quality of staffing, volunteer support, fund raising results and community recognition.


  • Volunteer Your Time– We are always in need of volunteers, if you enjoy working with and empowering youth then join us
  • Workshops– Bring your expertise to McKim and work with the youth during our enrichment workshops
  • Athletics– Help our coaches during practices and at competitions
  • Students– We are always looking for interns.  McKim provides excellent, real world, non-profit experience.

Message from Dwight S. Warren, Executive Director-

“It is the hope of McKim that when our young people are given the opportunity to take their place in society, they will be equipped for the tasks and challenges ahead of them, by drawing upon the mental and physical skills that the McKim Community Association has contributed to their development.”